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One of the features a website should have is site speed. We explained the importance of site speed in our article entitled “The Effect of Site Speed on SEO”.

Site speed is related to user experience. Because users want to get to the products, information or services they want to find quickly.

In today’s article, we’ve reviewed the fastest WordPress themes for those who want to build a site with wordpress themes.

Factors Affecting the Speed of WordPress Theme

Many factors affect the speed of a WordPress theme. These are as follows:

Site Speed

Lightweight site speed is adversely affected by high-quality graphics, photos or large files. Therefore, if you prefer your site to be faster, you should choose a lightweight theme.

If you choose simple themes, you can see that your site is faster.

CSS and JavaScript Parallel Untimely or Delayed Loading

CSS and JavaScrips are responsible for the aesthetics and interaction of your website. Therefore, each theme requires some of these codes.

You can upload command files to your website in two ways:
• Simultaneous
• Unsimple

When you are simultaneously loading the browser sees a command file on your website, it stops loading other components on that page until the command file is fully loaded.

Simultaneous loading also allows multiple files to be loaded at the same time that affect the performance of your website.

Sensitive Design

The theme you choose when creating a sensitive design website must be mobile compatible. However, this allows you to access users calling from mobile phones or tablets.

Your theme must also have a sensitive design so that the theme you choose can provide a fast mobile experience.

Thanks to the sensitive design, the page on your site is loaded automatically according to the screen size of users who want to log in to your website.

Compression using GZIP

Compression using GZIP is the process of reducing the size of files by moving your content from servers to browsers. When there is less data to send, search engines load your website faster.

GZIP is a more widely used compression technique today because it can compress up to 70% faster and with fewer resources than other methods.

Fastest WordPress Themes

While we can’t tell exactly which WordPress themes are the fastest, we’d like to talk about a few quick themes to make your choice easier for you:

1.The Deep Theme
Also, Deep is a versatile theme that you can use for any type of site you want to design.
It also has many themes and premium plugins you can use to create a powerful WordPress website again.

2.The Binder Pro
Premium themes offer a range of customizations for every aspect of the website. The sample themes are high-quality and fast to load.

3.May Success
The Mai Success theme that you can customize for almost any niche has a great design and beautiful details.

Mai Success makes it easier for your website to load faster with faster page loading times.

Again, a WordPress theme that you can use for almost any niche, generatePress is a versatile theme with extensive color and typography settings.

Even if you don’t know how to code, it’s a theme that can help you easily build a website and make your site open quickly.

5.Hestia Pro
With exceptional speed, Hestia is a popular theme that offers a lot of customization. It may take a little more time for your website to have a theme with many options to customize the pages, as well as to be able to come up with a unique website.


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