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To be present in the digital world and attract more traffic to our website, your site must have a number of features.

Thanks to these features and the SEO work that will be done, your website can reach more users. This will create a connection between you and your users by creating brand awareness.

In today’s article, we’re going to describe the features your site needs to have in order for you to all these positive results.

1. Site Title Should Be Short. The name of your own website should be short. Because unfortunately, your users will not bother to read a long name.

This is why the name of your website should be short and impressive. This allows users to remember the name of your site and log in to your site again.

2. Short and Subject-Related Keywords Should be used. Keywords are the most important words to get ahead of you on Google.

When you host the words that users often use when searching as keywords on your website, it will be easier for you to get ahead of the search results when users search for those words again and again.

Another thing you need to know about keywords is that they need to be short. Because the real way of searching what’s known is usually short.

For this reason, adding long long keywords will not have a positive impact on your website.

3. Short Meta Description Texts Should be Used. The length of meta descriptions is 50 to 160 characters. A meta description that is longer than this is of no use to your site.

To do this, you need to conclude briefly by referring to what you said in your meta-explanations.

4. Use visuals in smaller sizes. It is important to use the visual on our website.

It will make it possible for you to be at the forefront of search engines, both in order to provide users with a beautiful website in terms of design and because every visual that you use will be stored in users’ memories.

It’s important to use the visual, but the size of the images you’re using is also important. Using large-scale images will negatively affect site speed.

Therefore, make sure that the images you are using are small-sized.

5. Use a nice favicon on the site. With Favicon, your website will stay in the minds of visitors. This feature will also be useful for your website’s SEO work.

6. Use Style Files on your website. The style files that will help you design your website make your website look better.

This will also make your site work faster when more than one style file is merged on your site. A good speed of your site will make you top in Google search results.

7. JavaScript Files Should Be Used. This is a text file containing code. Used to run JavaScript instructions on pages on your website.

Using this file on your website makes your site faster and more reliable. Security is important to your users. That is why you should make your website secure.

8. Site Man Should Be Used. Siteman is the map of your site. It shows us the way your site is going.

This way you can know where it is when there is a problem with your site or how users behave on your site.

The siteman will also show you whether the content on your website is up-to-date and how often it is used by the search engine.

This way you can find out where you need to improve by learning more about your site.

9. Domain Age Should Be Used. Your site’s age and richness of content are important for SEO, while SEO is important for getting ahead in Google’s search results.

If your site has old and intense content, Google will show you and your content more to users. Because Google perceives your site’s age and the fact that it has a lot of content as an experience.

10. Pagerank Should Be Used. This is a scoring system. Thanks to this system, you can learn how secure your website is.

If you have a good score, your website can easily get top ranked in search results. You can also learn how original your content is with this rating system.

It will be easier for your website to get to the top of the search results if a website that has all of these features is performed with efficient SEO.

But before all of these features, your website needs to have a user-friendly design. To do this, consult with WeaSocial’s experienced web design experts to make your website the best you can do.


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