Content Marketing

It is important to measure the effectiveness of content marketing. Because it’s from these measurements that you can see whether your content marketing strategies work or not.

You use some metrics to measure the efficiency of your content marketing. What these metrics are going to show the goals you set in this direction.

Before you start measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing, you need to decide how often you should do these measurements. One of the best ways is to do monthly measurements.

You also must decide exactly what you want to measure. You can make this decision easier by answering the following questions:

• Do the metrics I choose support my marketing objective?
• Can I act on these metrics?
• Can I improve my content marketing strategies with the results I get?

Measuring content marketing strategies is the most critical process for continued success. It is important that you take advantage of the analysis results to address the opportunities and problems you will encounter in the content marketing process.

Metrics You Should Measure in Content Marketing

1.Google Analytics
One of the tools you can use to measure the effectiveness of your content marketing strategies is Google Analytics. You should look at these metrics when you measure with Google Analytics.

• Consumption data: consumption information is the number of users and page visits. It gives us data on how many users your site has reached in total and how many times a page has been viewed on your site.

• Interaction Data: With interaction data, you can first find out how long a user spends on a page on your site. You can also see how many pages a user visited during the time they were on your site by setting the page/session ratio.

2. E-Mail
E-mail data Research has shown that users who receive e-mail newsletters are more likely to spend money. Therefore, measuring all content you send by email through your own email provider will be a great contribution to you.

You can find out the opening rates, clicks, membership growth from the email data. This makes it easier to identify where you need to improve.

3.Social Media
Social media is one of the most effective methods of measuring the effectiveness of content marketing strategies.

If you share content on your website with your target audience on social media platforms, the data you get from them will be useful for you in the future.

Tools You Can Use When Making Content Marketing Measures

Many paid and free tools will help you measure the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts. Some of these are:

•Google Analytics: Google Analytics will be your right hand in this regard, as a tool that can show you a lot of data about your website from the moment you connect to your website.

•Ahrefs: A website that works with Ahreffs membership system, which can help you find which content on your website is more effective. With this tool, you can easily find which of your content is ranked at the bottom of the search engines.

•Google Trends: You can generate content on these topics by finding out which words are trending with Google trends. A tool that provides the most widely discussed content and brand search volumes will make it easy for you to use during your content marketing work.


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