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Seo Agency Premium Package Contents

  1. Website analysis
  2. Website optimization
  3. Keyword research
  4. Keyword strategy
  5. Content strategy
  6. Technical seo optimization
  7. Backlink management

What is website analytics?

Website analytics is the process of evaluating data such as traffic, conversion, user experience by examining the performance and user behavior of a website. This analysis allows to identify strategic measures to improve and enhance the effectiveness of the website.

What is website optimization?

Website optimization is the arrangements made to improve the speed, performance and user experience of a website. Its goal is to achieve better results by making the website more user-friendly, search engine-friendly and conversion-oriented.

What is keyword research?

Keyword research is an analysis to determine the words that a website’s target audience uses and shows interest in search engines the most. This research is important to guide SEO strategies and content planning.

What is keyword strategy?

A keyword strategy is a plan to identify the keywords that a website’s target audience searches for and shows the most interest in search engines, and to use these words in content and SEO efforts. This strategy enables the website to achieve better rankings and reach the target audience.

What is content strategy?

Content strategy is the plan for an organization or website to create, distribute and manage content to reach target audiences, increase brand awareness and achieve specific goals. This strategy includes focusing on the type of content, frequency of publication, targeted messages and the needs of the target audience.

What is technical SEO optimization?

Technical SEO optimization is the technical arrangements made to ensure that a website is better understood and indexed by search engines. It increases the visibility of the website in search engines by working on factors such as site speed, sitemap, URL configuration, mobile compatibility.

What is backlink management?

Backlink management is the process of organizing and monitoring the backlinks a website receives from other websites. Obtaining quality and reliable backlinks increases the website’s rankings and authority in search engines, while preventing spam or harmful backlinks is also important.


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